Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day2 Problem Solving!

 Welcome back!! I am happy to say I made this post work...I am having computer problems and all my pictures seem to be locked away in space....so I am thrilled to get this post on my blog today.
  A month or so ago I purchased new furniture and as I was unboxing I was thinking about my daughters small dogs and how much it irritated me when them go under the sofa. We find all kinds of toys and messes under the furniture when we move it to sweep and I just don't like it at all. So I measured the space and decided to solve the problem. I honestly had thought about chicken wire but I was afraid it would catch in the carpet so when I saw  all the cardboard I had left I knew that I had a solution!
 I took the boxes and cut them to fit and then I taped it from leg to leg. It might not be the perfect solution but it has solved the problem! I can still move the furniture, the dogs can not get under it and I am much happier!
Once I pulled the skirt down you can not tell that I have cardboard under there!

 Sometimes the easiest solutions cause us the most pleasure!
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