Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Decorating

 On Monday our youngest daughter came up with the idea to decorated for Halloween. Usually I only decorate for fall/Thanksgiving but very little Halloween. But since I wanted to spend the day with her we jumped in the car to see what we could find on the sale shelves! We had a lot of inspiration from  Tatertot and Jello she has a beautiful display in her kitchen. She has white cabinets to die for too!
Here is a close-up.

This is the top of the cabinet but we have added another platter that hangs on the wall behind the candlesticks.
This is what it looked like before we placed wrapping paper on the back of the shelfs.
And I must admit this was the inside..what a mess..but in my defense we had plans to remove this cabinet so I had taken everything out of it but when hubby didnt get it removed I shoved all the items back inside. Halloween looks much better than this mess. I took a picture with the lights off because many of the items light up but it didn't show up very well.


Amy said...

I love the paper in the background of the display. What a great idea!

Joy said...

How fun...and clever!