Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Endings and Beginnings Day 3 of Fall Inspriation

Day 3 of Fall Inspiration

Sometimes endings are new beginnings. Sometimes when something happens you are sad and sometimes you think you can make it better by doing what you did before but sometimes endings make you think of things in a new way. When we moved to this home in 2000 we purchased a large 24ft. pool and placed it right outside our back door. It was large and blue and beautiful. Our children spend long days and nights swimming together and with their friends. Twelve years later, the girls are completing their college years and the pool stood still most days. It was still big and beautiful but no longer did it have giggles and laughter. So earlier this summer when we had the pool ready for swimming we noticed a large leak, one that could not be fixed without replacing much of the pool...we were facing an end of an era. We talked about replacing it with another pool. But that will not bring back the children that are now grown. So we worked to get rid of the pool. If you look closely you will see the pump in the background. Once the pool was gone we were left with a large round circle with river rock and tons of sand.

Our summer was so hot and I had little inspiration, the circle sat untouched for a few months. Every day I would look at that circle when I left the house and I would think...what am I going to do with that mess...I must admit I was rather discouraged and in the midst of my grief over my parents I didn't feel like trying to figure out a solution.
Then one day I was thinking about my Mom and how much she loved flowers and gardening and...I saw a garden structure at Lowes and then I knew I would make a flower garden that would remind me of Mom. So Hubby cemented the structure into the ground and I started moving stone. One side was low so I hauled loads of dirt from the back yard and I would smooth it out.
But remember it was so hot that I knew we would have to wait till fall planting. When I thought we were close to planting time I went to Lowes and found flowers at a deep discount as well as a blue spruce pine tree. I placed them around but something was missing. That was when I decided to use our cap rock and make a walking path...I also moved some river rock to go along the edge.

I have purchased some mums and moved and moved stones. Now there is really not much more to do but add the mulch. But this is where there is bad news. We have been having rain all week and we have not been able to drive into the grass to put the mulch down so I hope you will forgive that I do not have the finished photo to share. But I wanted to inspire you to prepare your fall gardens it is ok to start a garden and to plant new plants. I now walk out my back door and I smile because Mom would have loved this garden. I think you will to and I will share the finished garden when our weather gets a little better. Until then remember, sometimes endings are new beginnings!

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Kimber-Leigh said...

oh, your flowers look lovely! i always think about the yard last in the fall ;) but i'm hoping to at least get some pretty fall planters to make our front door cheerful!