Sunday, October 7, 2012

Memorial Garden Complete!

 This is the update to my fall garden. You can see the original post Fall Garden. We had a beautiful day but I knew it was not going to last so I went and picked up a truck load of mulch from the greenhouse. When hubby go home we started unloading. After a lot of work and a little planting this is the outcome!

The before pictures show the circle of the pool so I moved the rocks little by little. I am proud to say I completed this project by myself for the most part. My hubby dug the holes and cemented the posts and helped to unload the mulch. I did the rest. My Mother was a gardener so I am dedicating this as a memorial garden in her name, Carol Y. Walter.
  Day 1
Keep following along each day for 31 days.
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Primitive Stars said...

Hello, so thoughtful,looks great already, will be a wonderful garden. Blessings Francine. Will Be Back...

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Diannatha what a beautiful idea. Such a lovely tribute to your mother xox Clarice