Friday, October 19, 2012

Discovering New Shops! Fall Inspiration

My cousins and sisters  and I spent the day together laughing and talking and discovering a new shop!

If you are ever near Dunkirk, Ohio you will have to stop on the side street and check this little shop out.

It is warm and homey and the owner is so friendly! She has original patterns and great prices.

But give yourself plenty of will want to look at everything twice.


Primitive Stars said...

Hello, what a splendid day out with family visiting a new shop.....such a sweet shop many goodies....Thanks for sharing......Blessings Francine.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Sounds like fun! I did a quick search for Dunkirk and it would be a fun day trip for me. And she has wool!!! :-)

Heather Wise said...

That store looks wonderful! I like that it has many well-loved items as well as handmade ones too! I like the stores with handcrafted items-especially stitcheries. Those stores are hard to find. Many "prim" stores have a lot of mass produced items.

Ahhh! A feast for the eyes!