Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A glimpse of the mantle

Just a little glimpse of what I am up to. I spent part of the day with my Mother. She stopped by and went to the grocery with me. She and Dad wanted to help with the Thanksgiving groceries. I am so Thankful for that. When times are tight it is such a blessing to have parents who are willing to help out. This is the kind of story that you pass on to each generation about what Thanksgiving is really about.
I took my Mother to our favorite salon today to get a trim and boy did it turn out nice. I think she will go back to Jessica when she gets back from Florida. It will be lonely when they leave, they have spent all summer at our house working on our new buildings....what a summer we have had.
This is a little glimpse of my mantle. I just started it today so it is a work in progress. I did finish a few other things but i don't know how to turn the flash off the camera so I can get a good picture...where are my kids? They can do it with their eyes closed. LOL
Hope you are having a wonderful Veterans day. My dad is a veteran of the Korean war...Thanks dad for serving but more than that...thanks for making it home. Be Blessed.


This Country Girl said...


Your mantle is looking good! I'm glad to know someone else is decorating some for Christmas! I'm sure everyone in this area thinks I've lost my mind! lol!

And I missed the post of your garden shed, but it looks so inviting! It is loaded with character....it looks like a little cottage! I kind of like those shutters too! :)

Have a great evening!

simple~needs said...

think it looks great!!
p.s. check your emails. maybe bulk?? i emailed you twice. :)
mine is smalltownprim@yahoo.com

Linda said...

Hi Dianntha...your mantle is so pretty, I just think the picture is darling! Hugs, Linda