Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Christmas decorations going up...

Well, these are just a few of my Christmas decorations that I worked on today. Not much to speak of. The welcome plaque has a different oval for each season..and holiday. It is so cute. My sis found it at a garage sale and gave it to me...she didn't think it went with her house but it goes great on my back porch.
The little tree is another garage sale find. For $5 I have a prelit tree on a base and I just sat it in the crock and plugged it it can't get much easier than that. I really have so much to do but for today I am resting...MEggie...did you hear me say I am resting??? LOL Anyways, just a peaceful day and I even found a magazine to look through today. I guess I am done for today but will visit you tomorrow. Until then be blessed.


simple~needs said...

i started my christmas decorations too!! i am setting all my trees into crocks. :)

This Country Girl said...


We've been doing Christmas decorating all this past week and cleaning too...shampooed all the carpets! We're still not done, but I'm really getting in the Christmas spirit now!

I love your crock with the tree...that's darling!

Did you get my email?


Linda said...

Hi Dianntha, I just love your tree and set in the crock it's just great. Hugs, Linda

Meggie said...

So happy to know that you were resting today, Dianntha! It's good for the soul.... There's always tomorrow to get the work done.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I love the idea of putting a simple lit tree in a crock. I have an empty crock and that is just what it needs.