Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall cleaning anyone?

Sometimes when things seem so out of control I work on something that I can control and it seems to make me feel I have started my fall cleaning. It took me two days to take everything down from all the rooms and pack it away. Today I decided to wash walls and move furniture to sweep. I had done a quick dusting a few days ago so all I needed to do was to wipe things off with a damp cloth. Yesterday I worked on my spare bedroom. I will try to post a picture tomorrow.
In the midst of that my dad stopped over and we hung the banisters on my new garden shed so I stopped and painted them when we were done. I will post a picture of that too.
Today I moved the furniture in my foyer, family room and computer room and swept. I used the step stool and washed the walls( I had the curtains done a little while back). You can not believe how easy it is to clean when you have everything put
I have a little polishing to do in the family room and then I can move on to the kitchen floor tomorrow. Remember I painted it last week so most everything is already done in that room. That will leave the back porch and the downstairs bathroom.
I did hang up a few things in my bedroom and I cleaned my walk in closet last week so when I move upstairs to clean I won't have too much to do and the girls do their own rooms now so I am getting a good start on things.
It will be nice to have it done before Thanksgiving and all the holiday decorations go up.
Sorry about not pictures today but I am too tired to go get the camera and take them right now,


millerhomestead said...

Funny, maybe it is an Ohio girl thing. I got out the bucket and murpheys oil soap this morning and started on my kitchen cabinets. I didn't get too awfully far though with all of the kids that I babysit for. You got ALOT done today! You go girl! God bless, Jamie

BittersweetPunkin said...

Reading your post made me suddenly tired....LOL. You are a busy bee's pouring here today so I am sitting here in my sweatpants..LOL.

Liane said...

My sis, Robin, took the words right out of my mouth (sometimes we're TOO much alike!). You have given me inspiration to get off my tush and do the things around my home I've been putting off. Robin has inspired me to start decorating my home like I used to and you've inspired me to clean it!! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow! Thanks!

simple~needs said...

you won the giveaway on my blog!! come on over!!! we are celebrating!