Friday, March 15, 2013


Dear Friends,
   I just wanted to let you know that my dear fil ended up having three surgeries in nine days, did I mention he is 86 years old. He had the surgery to remove the stones in his liver duct but the surgeon was concerned that he saw a tumor and insisted that he be sent to a larger hospital that had different equipment. 
  But when the did the ekg they found blockage in his heart so he had to have a heart cath to inspect his heart.
  Then off to Toledo for another surgery to see about the tumor but thank the Lord, it turned out to be three more stones. This poor man has the most yellow skin and eyes that you have ever seen but the doctors seem to think that he will recover quickly.
  He is such a sweetie, he has been worried out all the time we have spent with him at the hospital and at their home with my mil who has dementia.
  But honestly, my mil became so agitated and disoriented that we had to place her in a home for a short term stay until things return to normal. She didn't know us and she was so upset that we were in her home. Honestly, she thinks she has only been at the home since noon...everyday. She is not unhappy because there are people to watch. She also has congestive heart failure so watching people is about all she can do.
  Thank you all for your prayers. I know that my fil will recover quickly since you have surrounded him with prayers!
  On another note, I do have a few things to share that I have been working on when I have a few stop back tomorrow!


Primitive Stars said...

The power of prayer, so great......Hope all goes well for them both.....will keep them in my prayers, Blessings Francine.

nannykim said...

So glad he seems to be doing well--recovery at that age can be very difficult. I have a FIL that is in a continuing care facility, and actually this is the best place for him. He had a stroke, but can still get around in a wheel chair. He loves people and he really ministers to all of those people that are in that home. He leads a very active life [more active than I do!]. He would have been very bored and frustrated to live with one of the "kids". This way he has his own room, computer, and gets rides for doctor appointments and he has a network of friends to take him gallivanting . He thrives in that environment and he also has PT right there. All in all it was a good choice. So I can understand that your mom may actually benefit from the move.

Heather Wise said...

I saw this post the other day, and I prayed for him! I will pray for him right now!

Blessings, hugs, and peace to you, dear friend!