Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter, Whats on your Menu??

Good Morning Friends,
  I did just a little decorating this morning and thought I would share! Click on the photo to see the little rabbit!

I have been cleaning and getting ready for Easter dinner. I am so looking forward to a day of family and laughter!
So what is on your menu? Since I have been trying to lose a few pounds I am going to try to have some health choices for each of us! And I have one that can not have dairy products so I try to work it out for all of us!

Seven layer salad/fat free dressing
Deviled eggs
Relish tray
Mashed potatoes
corn casserole 
Strawberry Pretzel dessert
Fruit Sunrise 

Now this is what I have planned so far. Do you want to share your menu? I would love to hear what you are having!


Liz said...

I just sat down at the computer to finalize my menu! Your menu sounds great and pretty close to what I have planned. My family is crazy for pretzel salad. Happy Easter!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi, oh that sounds so the wee chick in the egg.....Spring Blessings Francine.

Karen said...

Very cute chick...I love him (or is it a
Your menu sounds very much like our usually does minus the Turkey...but otherwise same.
Although this year no big dinner.
After church we are going to the church breakfast with our youngest son/family and our other boys have plans.
Happy Easter

cynthia lee designs said...

We are going to our niece's for Easter dinner and a Easter egg hunt for the little ones. I'm taking Poppy Seed Chicken and Oreo Chocolate Pudding.

marly said...

Kielbasa, potato salad, beets, deviled eggs, ham, baby swiss, sweet Easter bread, Angel Mousse, egg cheese, cheesecake. But after I read your menu, I may make some changes!