Monday, April 6, 2009

What do you think of these?

I just had to show you a picture of my new Easter shoes. My teenage girls are always finding the cutest shoes but me, well I ususally go with something kinda safe that I can wear with everything. Well not this year. I am going with something that I think is cute and easy to walk in. What do you think?We went to Columbus shopping today and found just what we were looking for. i think we are ready for Easter now and my daughter is turning 21 on Easter so I had to pick up some items for her b-day. We had a good day.

I am working on this little cross stitch pattern. You are looking at a clothes line with clothes on it but of course it is not finished yet. Well, it is not finished in this photo. I do have it done but I don't have it tea stained so I will try to show that tomorrow.

Today we had plenty of snowshowers and wind but we are so lucky that we did not have the terrible storms that they were having in Michigan. It was kinda cold but it will pass and we will be back to better weather. Until then, be blessed.


CozyCoops Corner said...

Cute shoes!

Farmchick said...

I think the shoes are really cute! Happy birthday to your daughter..mine is on the day before Easter...I am close to age 21 also! lol Have a great day!

Ann said...

Like the shoes! My teenage daughter also finds really cool shoes, must be a built in "thing". Try to stay warm today - great week for my spring break! ~Ann

Karen said...

Good morning Dianntha....I LOVE your new shoes...very cool.
And HB to your daughter!!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting...
Thanks for visiting my Blog and leaving such a nice comment...

The old floor looks good in the picture but the previous owners installed something in the basement in the ceiling (probably heat ducts) and the nails punctured the floor coming up through - splintering the wood all along the one end...incredible huh???

So even if we wanted to keep the wood that's there it would have cost a small fortune to have it sanded down and patched so it was easier and way less expensive to do the laminate.

I'm so excited to have it in - we have searched and searched for something that looked like real wood and not a laminate and found it.

It's like a pine plank from the early 1800's homes - distressed....just love it.

Well, we loved it in the sample...let's hope it looks good layed down!

Hugs, Karen

Karen said...

P.S. sorry for the repeat lines....I thought I messed up and re-typed but didn't get rid of the original

Tolentreasures said...

Love the shoes! It is all about the shoes after all.


Linda said...

Love the shoes. I'm a big fan of shoes, have many. Happy Easter! Linda
Happy Birthday to your daughter.