Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More outdoor jobs and planning a flower garden

There is still more work to be done. I finally got all the water pumped off the pool so we could get the cover off..but it was way to windy. So today we got more rain so Thursday I guess I will pump it again. I sure we have a nice warm day for it.
I have been planning a garden from my front walkway. It is so hard to decide if I should go for it or just work on it in stages. If I plant a row of flowers along the walkway it will not take much work but if I plant a row of boxwood and then flowers...it would be wonderful but a lot of work...at least I am not going into it blind.
Any thoughts??

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Farmchick said...

I had to laugh at your last post..you mowed the lawn until the blade fell off...wish it was warm enough here to plant flowers and would love to mow until the blades fell off!! :)