Wednesday, April 8, 2009

clothes line cross stitch done

Ok, well I finished the little stitching project yesterday and I think it turned out ok. I don't have a frame for it just yet but I will get one soon.
I really want to get back to other projects with wool but it makes such a mess and right now I have to use my living room and I am really tired of it right there for all to see...and mainly it is bothering me the most.
Today we are getting a little taste of spring with it being in the 50's and I went out to see if any of the grass seed was popping through just yet...and there were a few patches of green coming. I have gone through 4 large bags of grass seed and I am not done yet. I am trying my best to get things seeded for the summer.
Guess I will go and clean up my little mess...see you soon.


Linda said...

Oh such patience. I could never cross stitch, takes too long. yours looks great. Linda

Karen said...

How adorable....I love doing cross stitch - I find it very soothing (well all except for my eyes!) but I do like it.
Anxious for your finished product!