Friday, October 24, 2008

It is raining and cold today. I was outside cleaning the garage and there was no way that I was going to share a picture of that. Does anyone else have a hard time keeping your garage cleaned out. I live with an acutioneer who is also a messy...I love him dearly but he can make a mess faster than I can clean it. LOL
So we took many things out and I am waiting for our junk man to come and he will load and haul away whatever else I don't want. So between yesterday and today I think maybe one more day on saturday and it will be ready for two cars>>>>yeah....
I didn' want to share those pictures...just too some of you asked if I ever put the pumpkins on both sides of our front steps so I am sharing that picture today.
I am working on some stitching, remember the reindeer cross stitch that I was working on? Well it is almost done. It was a quick one I just haven't worked much on it until now. So I am headed upstairs to work on changing out dressers with my daughters. It is ring around the rosey with furniture today and then hopefully we will settle any furniture for now. That would be nice. Thanksgiving is so close and I have so much to little time. Have a great day and until next time, be blessed!


Meggie said...

Do you ever relax, Dianntha?! It seems like you are always on the go. I hope you take some time to smell the roses...or whatever nice aromas there are in your area.

This Country Girl said...


I love the pumpkins on both sides! Gosh you are a busy girl! I also missed the post on the kitchen color, but it looks great!

Did you ever get the tape off the doors? Jason tried leaving tape on a board for days and when he pulled it off, wouldn't you know it didn't and wouldn't leave a gooey residue. He was going to try to experiment with goo gone. It says you can use that on wood, but he wanted to make sure you could paint or stain after using the goo gone.

Have a great weekend!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

What an awesome picture of your front porch. LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

What a great house and cute decorations! I love everything about Fall. Have a great day!