Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Green...white no more

Welcome October!!! I love fall and today it was cool and crisp, almost cold even. Another exciting thing... I have a new great neice born just this morning!!
I had so many things I wanted to do this morning but pressing on me is the need to paint our new garage door. Have I ever told you how much I hate to paint and yet it seems that painting is all I get done! LOL I also painted 2 sets of shutters and two walk in doors. I was a afraid that the weather would turn too cold to paint them so I did it today. But I accidentally got green paint on my outside how did that happen so tomorrow I have to paint/touch-up that door too...I hate to paint. I just painted that door when we painted the house this summer!
I thought I would share the during and after pics of my garage door...not too exciting but now it is done.
I have started looking for paint colors for my kitchen too. I decorate with gingerbread men so I will have to keep with earth daughter is voting for burnt orange...actually it is called falling leaves at Lowes. I am still considering which way to go with it. I want it homey but not dark...still looking.

Some of you asked what kind of light we will be putting up in the kitchen. It has more of a brushed bronze finish and we are only putting one up over the sink not the stove area as before. It will match the one over the table too. We have wood flooring so I will be looking for a new rug...paining the ceiling...and then it will be time to decorate for Christmas...LOL

On another note, my Dad packed up his tractors and tools and took everything home. He has been working here on a daily basis since he came home from Florida last April. He has done so much work, both manually and with all his tools and equipment. now this means that our buildings are all but done and that is a good thing...finally. But it also means he will not be coming over daily. This is the first time that my dad and I have worked on a project together since I have become an adult and to tell you the truth I almost cried when he pulled away, My parents have spent time, money and a lot of energy at my home this year and even though I am tired I was sad to see it come to an end. When they go to Florida I am going to miss them both so much.
I am going on Friday to get shrubs for in front of my building and more mulch and then the outside is done until is starting to look really nice around here.
I have more pics to share especially the new shutters but first I have to get dh to hang them....LOL Unitl next time, be blessed.


Kindra said...

LOVE your outbuilding!! Wish we had a nice one like that! Painting the door made a big difference. Do you used just standard outside paint for doors like that. Now I have ideas running through my hubby will be happy. :)

Your outdoor fall decor looks so warm and inviting. All your home improvements are looking great! So much work, so little time...

basketsnprims said...

I really like how it's looking. I'm like Kindra, think I might have to do ours. I really don't mind painting. I love your outdoor decor.


Linda said...

Nice job Dianntha...I love green and this looks great.
Everything is looking so nice after all your hard work. I love the front of you house...ready for fall. The pumpkins on the steps look cool, but I like the girls idea of having them on both sides..if you do that I hope you share a picture...hugs, Linda

This Country Girl said...

Oh Dianntha, that looks great! I am so excited to see how the shutters are going to look! I know it's been wonderful too working with your dad on everything!

The color falling leaves sounds wonderful too for your kitchen! I'll have to look at that next time I'm in Lowe's!

Ya'll sound like many projects and ideas going on!

Have a great weekend!

Farmchick said...

I like the door much better green! Looks just like our doors~ ;)

I am painting our mudroom right now. I am having a heck of time getting it done. Whenever I really get going...I have to stop... and do activities or run out to the field! Aaghhhhhhhh! Have a great weekend!

kari and kijsa said...

You are blessed to have such a great father!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa