Monday, October 6, 2008

New shutters for my garden shed

After visiting Tammy at I knew I had found the shutters for my new garden shed. If you visit her etsy shop you will see her amazing shutters in different finishes. I asked that mine be shipped unfinished since I knew they would have to match my color choice on my building. Tammy is a sweet person and is very careful to get all the details for size and ect. Once we finally had all the information settled her dear husband made them to order and shipped them quite quickly. We are so pleased with the quality of materials and the finished product. Thanks Tammy for working with me. When this large package arrived I knew what it had to be. We also ordered a pair of swing doors but that story is for another it is about my garden shed.

The painting begins..the weather was too cool to paint outside so I put the shutters on the back porch and started the process...two started two to go!

Finally, the painting is go to the building for some measuring.

This is the window where we are starting to hang our new shutters...there is excitment in the air...well at least I am excited.

Once all the measuring was done the first shutter is finally is so much fun to see the changes taking place.

The first set...aren't they grand?

Well, this is the garden shed after all 4 shutters are up and ready to go. I think it really changes the look of the building. I really did think of painting them red but the shutters on our garage are green so that was the final decision. We are now ready to hang the lights and start the


monique said...

What a gorgious shutters!!!!!!
They really look lovely on your garden shed.

Linda said...

Your new shutters look great and what a perfect touch. I like the star cuts outs very much...hugs, Linda

This Country Girl said...


Oh my goodness, they look wonderful! It's so exciting to see them on your garden shed! All the colors looks wonderful and your shed is loaded with character! Thanks so much for sharing that info and for being so kind with your comments! Jason was tickled to see them up too! I'm so glad you like them!

Have a great day, Dianntha! I'll email you later!


Sara said...

Those shutters and shed are absolutely beautiful! I love the colors!

Meggie said...

Great looking shutters, Dianntha! It really finishes off the building nicely.

Janene said...

I love your garden shed. I don't blog myself, yet, but I do blog hop in hopes of finding some great ideas from some very creative people. I also live in Ohio, and my husband and I are looking to build a larger version of what you have. He calls it the "Heeman, women haters club". I guess he deserves it having to live with me and our 6 dayghters! LOL. Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me some information about your shed. Is it all constructed from standing seam steel? Also, did you buy a prefab kit or did your hubby make up his own plans? We won't be starting ours until next Spring, so I am gathering as much info as possible. My email is Some day I will have to update the number! Thanks, Janene

simple~needs said...

i love the shutters!!
p.s. yep. my tree is setting in a crock. :)

Farmchick said...

Your shutters look awesome on the garden shed...they are perfect together. Tammy is such a sweet person!

Hope you have a great evening. I would love to exchange links with you. Stop in and visit. Have a great evening.

Debbie @ said...

Oh my gosh, what great shutters. I do indeed appreciate and love shutters. I'm thinking I need some in my house, inside and outside!!! Your shed looks so great.

bj said...

The shutters are just perfect for this ADORABLE garden shed. BAWWW, BOO, HOOO...NOW I WANT A PRETTY GARDEN SHED!!
LOVE, bj

Anonymous said...

Hey Chick-A~~~~
thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment!! I have had an out pouring of prayer and love from everyone here in blog-land!!
It is just amazing! It will get better with each day. God will get me through this part of my life here on earth, I know. It is just hard! I think what will hit me the most is when I can't call and check in with her to say HI this weekend, Like I have done sooooooo many weekends! Soooo keep me close to your thoughts!

thanks again for your concern and love........
lori hull

Donetta said...

Hay you...Go put a sweater on:)
It just stopped being 99% or so yesterday.! of course that is just going to change for only two days. Next week we are back up in the high 90's. The out building is so wonderful! will you set up shop there to sell produce?
I love the shutters. You have invested so much into the estate and it really looks well loved. I hope your day is filled with all that beauty around you!
Happy Fall :)

Ula said...

Well, good job! Those shutters look pretty, and they fit so nicely on your garden shed. The paint job makes it match the shed tastefully.

-Ula Heximer