Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My birthday and more

Well, today is my birthday and I am taking a breather with the girls but I thought I would show you what I am working on right now. Seems like there is never a dull moment here so I decided to strip the wallpaper off my kitchen because I wanted to paint it and freshen things up before the holidays. So here is the wallpaper that is on the kitchen is a marblized brown. I know it is hard to tell the color.
This is the wallpaper that was under the brown. It is a pink flowered paper. It is actually very pretty but I am not much into pink or flowers in the kitchen so I thought I would strip it off too.
This is the mess that I ran into when I wanted to take the old pink paper off.

DH has been working on the wall to make it as good as new..and it is starting to look really nice. This is what it is looking like now.

Trying to choose colors is a difficult job....I was thinking about a burnt orange but I forgot to take a picture of the swatch.

Well... I am not going to show you which color I did choose but it will be finished soon. So after my day of rest today and some special birthday cake later...tomorrow I will be back at work! Until then, be blessed.


AnnaSam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I can't wait to see the bathroom. That is one of my jobs that I have on my to do list.Maybe one of these days I'll get to it. I too have to take wallpaper off the walls.Have a blessed day!

millerhomestead said...

Happy Birthday from one Ohioan to another!!!! Well I am an Ohioan at heart even if I do live in Illinois now. I can't wait to see your kitchen when you are all done. I am going to guess that you picked one of the tan looking colors or maybe you went bold and choose the red. Time will tell. Have a blessed Birthday! God bless, Jamie

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Dianntha and wishes for many more. I can hardly wait to see what color you do the kitchen...maybe the burnt orange, sounds yummy...hugs, Linda

Stephanie said...

I have a project going too, Im hoping to blog about it being finished soon !!!
Hope your day was great :)

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Dianntha sweetie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope it's a really special time for you sweetheart, you deserve it! Your kitchen is coming along nicely, can't wait to see the finished look! Birthday hugs!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I hate peeling off wallpaper, but I know you'll love it now that you can paint it. Can't wait to see what you picked!


Farmchick said...

Happy belated birthday! Well, I have a surprise for you!!! You won my giveaway!!! Congratulations! You can contact me at


Meggie said...

Happy Birthday, Dianntha! It's Rhonda's birthday from Farm House Style also. You are a busy gal...can't wait to see what paint color you chose. I ran into the same problem with my kitchen when I decided to peel off the old wallpaper...the drywall paper came off also...what a mess. Glad your hubby can take care of the problem.

monique said...

A bit late so happy belated birthday!
I am very curious which colour you have choosen.I can't wait to see it finished.
Have a lovely sunday.