Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jamestown Settlement

One of the many in costume doing a days work.

This is at Jamestown Settlement where they have replicas of the three ships that the settlers broght from England. There is no way I would want to cross the ocean in any of the three. You are able to board each of them and walk around to get the feel of what it would have been like.
When we first started visiting Jamestown it was a really wonderful place. It has so many buildings and you could feel the old world flavor. The people there were dressed in costume and still tending to some of the trades of the day....but this visit you could see that commercialism has started to rob it of its genuine feel. Now there is a very large museaum and places to eat or buy drinks and now they don't want you to take pics of anything...like taking a pic of the original foundation is going to destroy the bricks...get real.
They have almost outpriced it. It used to be about $6 to get in the gate now...$11.50...almost more than you can pay for a family of 5. I think they need to remember that this settlement belongs to the Nation...it is our history.


Donetta said...

Well look at you! How Fun! I have been there and done that some 11 years ago. I would so love to take the kids. It is so fun there.
Your right I need to get the kids in on the laundry.
Have more fun than you can imagine!


Donetta said...

oh that is thoughtful and so sweet of you to say, and i take you at your word. It really means a lot to me. I just got too tired, lonesome and sad. The time spent being so tired is bumming me out. I have to just work hard to get better rest.
I have three kids today for the after noon. Soon the third goes home. my kids are ready to have supper.They all played so hard. It is late afternoon now 3;30 I have to put the meatloaf back in oven and be ready to serve supper right up and go out and help finish up as much of the coop as we can. I need to go get the birds.

Meggie said...

Thanks for taking me along to Jamestown, Dianntha! I've never been there before.

Linda said...

This looks like such and interesting place to visit...I enjoyed my visit and your pictures. Hugs, Linda