Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End of day one progress

This is what our building looked like at the end of day one. They have started to put on a little of the green trim and you can see the opening for the door in the back. I am hoping that tomorrow we will see the front door and windows appear. It was so hot here today as they tryed to finish the roof. It must have been miseralbe on that green roof and although we have a lot of trees there are not shade trees in this area so they got no relief from the sun. It seems like things are going quickly on this building. There is a chance for rain this afternoon so we will see what happens.
Since the building seems to be handled I have continued to work on our rental properties but toay the add comes out for them. Will still have to carry out our tools and sweep the kitchen but I think that is pretty much it well I do have to touch up a little paint. This apartment is very large so I am thrilled to be done with it. Until tomorrow be blessed.

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Linda said...

Oh, I missed the arrival...but on day one a lot was acccomplished and the building is going to be great! I hope the rain d doesn't slow things down. Hugs, Linda