Friday, July 25, 2008

15th b-day party

Our yougest turned 15 this month so I decided to have a small group of girls come over for a time of fun. They spent much of the day in the pool. That blow-up dino is one of the best pool toys I have ever purchased. As you can see all 5 of the girls could get on it at once. It is so much fun. I must admit I love it too. When we're in the pool it's okay to be a kid no matter your age. My mother brought the cake and it was so yummy. We grilled the food and had some salads and fresh fuit...I think it was a success as they all seemed to eat and laugh and talk all through the afternoon. It is so much fun having least most days anyways.
We have contiued to work on our rental I spent the entire day there cleaning and sweeping and I so wish it was done. I wanted to run and ad on this one by next week so we will see if I make that deadline. This apartment is so large...and today I had a new thought...there are three beautiful fireplaces in this apartment...I wonder if they can be dismantled and brought to my own home. I will take a few snaps of them so you can see what you think about them.
We had to make a trip into town tonight to get a few items for the new electric box for our new buildings....the time is drawing so near for the buildings to arrive...I am so excitied. I will share more about that next week.
I have started a new prayer routine many changes lately. Anyways, If it works out I will share more about that too.
T guess I am doing a lot of talking but not saying too much so for now I guess I will close but I am thinking of all of you my dear friends and Kim...I know you can't post because you don't have a blog but I think of you often and I know you are there....dear friend be blessed.

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