Monday, November 14, 2011

Such a Sweet Reminder

  This weekend I had a small gathering of family over for a bonfire and crafting session. We were gathering all the items we needed and taking them to my shed. I had most everything I needed but I could have used another crock pot. I had 4 plugged in but still I needed one more. As I was finishing up the preparations I opened a cabinet in my shed and there was my Mother's old crock pot. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I do not remember her bringing it to my home but we had a birthday party for her last year and my guess is she left it so I could use it for the holidays.
  This poor old crock pot is missing a handle and a little chipped and is the most wonderful thing I have seen in months. It is so like my Mom to always be thinking of helping someone else.
  In this season of thankfulness I sometimes feel so bad that I forget about all my blessings. I have so very many. But for today I am so thankful for this old chippy crock pot. It reminds we of the loving and giving spirit of my Mother. She was with us as we sat around the fire and chatted...she was reminding me she is always there. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace for without it I am nothing.


Angela said...

So touching. I just layed Mother to rest on Friday. She was 90 and lived a good life, but this is hard to deal with. Today with everyone back at work,,,, not to easy. Glad you found that crock pot, bet it was a cozy moment and fond memory.

Kattywhompus Primitives said...

Oh my goodness...what a wonderful post. Such a sweet reminder of your Momma & God's care for us. Thank you for sharing your story.

Lillie Mae Acres said...

Beautiful! I take great pride and pleasure in using my grandmother's silver and dishes as well as other items of hers and my mom's. I'm so glad you have the crock pot, what a nice surprise.