Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extra large turkey and a little decorating

 Well, since it was so nice here today I decided that maybe I should work on some of those last minute projects that I need to do outside. I found my wooden turkey feathers that my Mom made for me and I found the biggest pumpkin that I have.This makes for a giant turkey and I think he is just so cute. He is just outside my back door,
 Then I headed outside to mow and work on my shed. This is the building that my parents had built for me. I am having a few cousins come over and I thought I would give it a more living room feel so I took some decorations and headed out there. Since it is 61 degrees I actually didn't need much of a jacket either. When you leave my back door and head out to my shed this is what you see.
 And when you are at the shed and look down the driveway it was a beautiful seen today.
 You can tell that I mowed all the leaves up for now but there are many more to come. I just adore leaves and trees!!
 Inside I did put up a few things and this is one of my new tables. This is where it will live for now but then I have plans for it!
 When you walk out the front door this is what you see. I often sit on the front porch of my building and just enjoy. I miss my Mom. She was always here helping me get things ready for Thanksgiving and working on projects before she would leave for Florida. But alas, she is always with me, I am so thankful for that.


Joy said...

Love your shed...I could live

lilraggedyangie said...

Im with Joy ...when can I move in your shed? LOVE IT ! I love the turkey hes cute ! Glad you got out and enjoyed this gorgeous fall weather and thought of happy memories with your mom! have a great evening ! hugs lilraggedyangie

marly said...

What a beautiful setting - and a massive pumpkin. I think the shed should be renamed to the retreat! It will be 4 years next month and I miss my mom every day. We always will!

Storybook Woods said...

Sighhh, I love your home. It is so inviting and I love all the homey touches. I know your mother is with you, in your heart, as you prepair your home xox Clarice