Friday, November 4, 2011

Her Last display for the year

 This is my beautiful tree this morning. She is showing her wear from all the rain we have had. She shows her beauty each year and I just love watching her make the change but I am sad when I see her get to this stage because it is almost over now.
This was her in full glory!
I am still gathering supplies for my Advent calendar but I promise to share the pictures as I put it together.
I have another full day of activity planned but most of what I do is so boring that I dare not share. I have things like the post office and the bank and sweeping and well you get the picture. But I am thankful for the beautiful weather we are suppose to have the next three days and I am going to enjoy each one with a walk and some outdoor work. I hope your day is blessed.

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SweetPepperRose said...

what a lovely tree! I'm so thankful for nature's beauty. And thank you for posting your pic!