Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New lighting

kitchen light

I know, I know..I am suppose to be working on my dd bedroom but the floor still has 48 hours to dry so why not start a new small project. Remember when I told you the lights were on sell at Lowes. Yep, I had to get one for our own home. We had been picking up a few for our rentals when I spied this one. It was originally $240 marked down $119 but I got it for $30 on final clearance.  I really didn't need a new light but at the price I was not going to pass it up.
 I have been stitching a little while I am waiting for the floor to dry as well as the usual cleaning, laundry and mowing. I think it has been a little boring here. I did cool down for a few days but today is back to the 90's..we are hoping for better weather the next few days. I talked to a friend that said she walked  3-4 miles a day everyday. Now that is dedication. I do walk about 3-4 days a week but not everyday and not for  that many miles. I could be considered a slacker or something!!!lol
 Thanks for the visit!


Anonymous said...

I likey the light. Very pretty!

diXymiss said...

Very pretty light (and great price)! You've been quite the busy bee with all these neat home improvement projects.

Yes, we are indeed very blessed to live near Clarice (about 45 minutes or so). We never run out of things to chat about and neither do our girls ~ the neXt generation of coffee shoppe friends!

Heidi said...

I would say there was no way you could leave a lamp like that in the store for that price. It is beautiful! A girl needs new things every now and then. :-)

We finally got some cooler weather this week. Guess my mother took her weather back to I am not used to hot weather here in Holland. Hope it cools down for you soon. I am anxious for fall!

I love your daughter's floor. That is coming up so nicely. What a lucky girl!

As I talked about on my home and garden blog, we are sitting in mess as we pack things in this house ready for our move in the autumn along with all the things we have to buy to fix up the new house. I hope August flies by. We get our keys in September.

Hugs from Holland ~

Laurie said...

Beautiful light! I need to take you to Lowe's with always find the cool stuff. LOL!

I keep intending to get up early and walk, but am usually too sleep deprived from listening for the dog with one ear all night long. How can I get up earlier when I can barely get up at all???

Joy said...

What a great deal you got and such a pretty light too. Hopped into your blog from Linda's place. Have a great week!

Mom2fur said...

That's gorgeous! At that price, you would have been foolish to walk away from it.

Meggie said...

The new light is beautiful, Dianntha! I can see why you couldn't pass it up. It was quite a bargain.

Mom2fur said...

Hey, thanks for visiting me. Yes, we had nice weather for our visit to your lovely state. It hardly rained at all and wasn't terribly hot!

Linda said...

Dianntha, your new light is just so beautiful! I know I couldn't have passed it up either...hugs, Linda

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

What a pretty light! Thank you for the visit and comment on my blog!
I think the post you were looking at was my friend Rue's house. Her blog is

She took the vinyl siding off her house and painted it yellow and red and she is from a small town in Ohio. My home is yellow as well, more of a creamy yellow like you were saying. I'm your state neighbor over in PA. :)

I'm off to explore your blog some more, so glad you came by!

Singapoare Plants Lover said...

Beautiful light.

Gumbo Lily said...

Really nifty light and what a steal!