Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make over pictures..

This is the bedroom that my dd used to be in before she moved to college. Some of you may remember the black and white and green. Well, now that she has moved to her own place I decided that the black and white are the beginning pictures are of the transformation. I had many more of the furniture and other walls but for some reason they are blurry so I will retake those tomorrow in the daylight but at least you can get a little look.
 I also made over the bathroom and I wanted to share those pictures but I was afraid it was getting to long. The green in the make over is not as green as the pictures so but with or without the flash this is the best I could do...must be the camera.
 This room is actually built onto the side of the garage and I am now going to use it as my get-away room...noise free and a place to create...I am very excited about that. I will post more after I get the next pictures taken. Hope you enjoyed this little trip to my home. Blessings.


Robin said...

Wow! It hard to believe that is the same room. You have a beautiful eye for arranging and decor. Even the dreaded black and white looked pretty cool considering it was a kids room. Can't wait to see more pix.

Linda said...

Looks great... Love all the decorations. Good eye.

Laurie said...

Wonderful transformation!

Anonymous said...

It is looking wonderful! I'm so glad you commented ony blog today because somehow your blog has disappeared from my reader... I discovered I lost a handful of good blogs. I'm so glad to find you again. :)

Carol said...

Your transformation looks just beautiful--you've created a calm and peaceful retreat for yourself... Enjoy :)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

My what a's even more so than my transformation! lol

Seems we are having a run on bedroom re-do's lately.
I think it's one room one can change out quite easily.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures today!

Happy 4th...Karen

Linda said...

Dianntha, what a wonderful change...everyting looks so pretty. Your special spot will be a perfect place to enjoy and create.

Hope you are having a Happy 4th of July weekend...hugs, Linda