Thursday, July 22, 2010

A finish and C@hrh

Joy to All Poppy Kreations
Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow block 6

      I wanted to show the little bit of stitching that I did get done on CaHRH..I actually have the third person done too but I took the picture earlier in the day.
     We are still working on my dd purple room but dh has to repair something at the rentals so we will not be able to sand the floors today as we had planned but never fear they will be sanded shortly so I can put this room together...I am tired of the mess.
      A few post back we talked about fireflies and I had no idea that some of you do not have them nor had ever seen them in person. Each evening as I walk I think of you often and wish I could describe these little wonderful lit up bugs. I have noticed that they do not start blinking until dusk but then only for an hour or so and then the spectacular show  is over. They fly so slowly and blink so randomly  that  it truly is like sparkling little Christmas lights. I have enjoyed them so much each evening and I will miss them once the weather gets cooler.
   I have been trying to catch up on the never ending of laundry, cleaning and such...not fun but necessary. It was my dd birthday on the 20th and she had a few friends over...she turned 17 and could not stop smiling!! she is the baby so I was sad but I might as well get use it....things never stay the same!
  I have been visiting and some of you are already working on fall and Halloween crafts and is just so hot here I do not know if I can even think about it just yet but I do love the cool breezes and frosty mornings....I am dreaming...It is 92 and humid...Ohio weather...why do I live here???


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh I miss the fireflies...I remember them from when I grew up on my Grandmothers farm in the woods...tons of fireflies..we would catch them and put them in a jar :)

We can still see them here if we go out on the trail near the lake after the trees.

We've had a few cooler days...from the 50s to the 70s..very comfy and I am loving it. :)

I know, I cannot believe our girls are going to be 18 next year...scary.

Carol said...

Your CatHRH is coming along nicely! I just love that skating block so much :)

I'm so tired of these 90 degree days--really am longing for fall!

Laurie said...

LOL! I ask myself the same question every summer...why am I in Ohio? My husband would gladly move back to San Diego (the land of perfect weather, I'm told).

Here in town, our yard is alight with fireflies every evening. I love to watch them rise out of the grass and the hedges.

The room makeover really looks great, as does your cross stitch. :-)