Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Noah's Webster 2 done...

This is the project I just completed. I think I am making it into a pillow of the bedroom that I just finished a few weeks back. This pattern is by Prairie Moon and is called Noah's Webster 2. If anyone is interested in the pattern I am done with it and am willing to sell it for $4 and $1 shipping.
I have started another pattern by Blackbird designs and I will show a picture of it tomorrow.
We have all been busy and we are trying to get our rental property finished..remember we are putting a new kitchen and bathroom in..well.almost done. i many have to touch up some paint tomorrow and then we are ready for the carpet. It has been a long process...happy to be done.
The weather has gotten cool and windy so I have not gotten the porch decorated just yet but maybe on Friday...yes..I am aiming for Friday.
Hope all is well with you...be blessed.


Lili said...

I'd never seen this design before -except on your blog the other day. It looks great now finished! Congrats! It will beautifully decorate the spare room (if I remember well, gotta check).
I sure understand that you're happy to be almost done with all the work with the bathroom and kitchen in the rental property. It takes soooo long that sometimes you feel it will never end!
Are you in charge of the decoration? Because if so, I think you'll rent it easily ;)

Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Hi! Love your blog! And your finished cross stitch! I used to cross stitch ALL the time but have moved on to needle punch and rug hooking ~ may have to dig out some of those cross stitch patterns. I miss it! I hope you're having a not so "trying" day today :-)

Gumbo Lily said...

Very neat cross stitch project. I've only done a very few cross stitch pieces. They're a lot of work. I prefer embroidery.

Good job!