Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The beginnings of fall decorating..started

The color on this picture is not true. The wall is a moss green...
I found this shelf at basemart and knew I wanted to put it up for the next few seasons. I think it was a good choice, at least I am happy with it. Everything on the shelf are items that I already had form last year. I am debating about adding in all my harvest items...just dont know for sure yet.

This cross stitch I finished many years ago..maybe 5, but I just got it framed recently...I do like how it turned out and is small enough to put almost anywhere.

You may remember this one from last year. i made it right at the end of the fall season...I still like it.

This is just the beginning of the fall decorating but I wanted to share since it had been a while now. We spent almost all day painting at the rental property yesterday...I do hate to paint but it does look wonderful. We are putting in a new kitchen and bath and it is really starting to look nice...sorry I forgot my camera but on my next trip up I will snap some for you to see.
I did go and get some hightlights and a new cut on Friday and I do like it but I just cant seem to get a picture that shows what it really looks like so I guess I will have to keep working on that.
Tomorrow we are painting (yes again) our small bedroom. Do you remember that I painted it for our daughter for when she returned from college and then she chose a different room so it really was never used so now I am going to paint it to suit me. I think I am going with a folk art theme...I will get some before and after pictures...Oh..I do hate painting and it seems I paint all the time. Why is that? Until next time..be blessed.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I have a ton of stuff from last year too but I did buy one little ceramic pumpkin from the Dollar Store the other day.....it was brown...and I thought it would look nice with all my other prim stuff year round. :)


~ Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home said...

I need to dig and see what I have for fall decorating! Everyone is getting me in the mood to drag it all out! I love all your fall touches....the cross stitch is especially cute!

How about those cafe doors...I keep thinking about them...we want you to be able to use them! Any luck with the sticky stuff?

Have a great day, Dianntha!

Beth E. said...

Your decorations are so pretty! Fall decorating is a favorite of mine.

I also have moss green walls, and the color of them is never true in pics! lol

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!


Linda said...

Love the shelf and all the goodies you are decorating with, especially the sweet cross stitch....I'm anxious to start decorating for fall too.
Thank you for the nice comments. Yule sampler was a fun stitch...the designer is The Primitive Needle, she has lots of really neat charts...hugs, Linda

~*Michelle*~ said...

Everything looks so nice... you are giving me the itch to break out our decorations.....but I think I am clinging on these last days of summer too much!