Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long trip but Lily is home!!!

After 10 hours in the car Lily is now home! Our girls are so happy and excited about a new puppy. She did just fine on the ride home she slept all the way. Once home she was excited to eat and drink and now she is out shopping for a new collar and some toys.
It has been a long two months since Jackie died and we have missed her so much. Lily will not replace Jackie but she will fill a void that we have because she is gone. So the days of house training start today and hopefully they will go quickly. She only weighs about 3 lbs and is 8 wks old. She is so small, we are hoping she gets to be about 10 lbs. That would be a good size for us.
We traveled about 5 hours each direction to get her. Now I know that sounds like a long way but I was not able to find anyone who had a rat terrier with the markings that I liked around our area. They may have had some at Christmas but I don't care to dog train in the winter...not at 3 lbs.
We are home safe and sound and for less heartache. This may very well be the last dog we train since the girls are all teens now and will soon all be off to college so I am going to try to go with the flow..and if you know me..that is not in my nature. lol
I have most of the decorating in our spare room done so I will post some pictures tomorrow because once again I am too tired to go and take the pictures right now so I am going to get my cross stitching and relax the evening least that is what I have planned. Be blessed.


Linda said...

Oh what a sweet puppy. Enjoy!!

Robby said...

Love Lily!!!! I would so love to have a puppy!!! xxxRobby

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

How wonderful and Lily is just too cute to be real! She's adorable.

Now the go girl.


Storybook Woods said...

What a sweetpea xoxoxo Clarice

Christine said...

Oh she is just a baby doll! I would have traveled 5 hours for her too! lol I know what you mean about the training....I trained 3 puppies last year- and they are better house trained than their mother! ugh...good luck with her!


Meggie said...

OMG! What a sweet looking little pup!! How lucky is she to get such a good home with 5 doting family members? Good luck with the house training...she looks like a smart little gal. I'm sure she will catch on fast.

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh my gosh, Lily is just sooooo gorgeous! I have a soft spot for little ratters too as you can probably tell from the little ladies on my blog! lol Hugs for you both sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)