Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giveaway has arrived...more painting..

My giveaway prize arrived today and I can tell you Char has done a wonderful job. Not only is it sturdy but this is painted and sanded just perfect. Thanks so much, Char.
Since I was painting today I didn"t have time to decorate it but when I do I will shoot out another picture.

My daughter told me today that the color I painted the bedroom was the worst color she had ever seen.LOl Now is that dramatic or what? It is called sueded leather from Lowes. Now I will admit..I hadn't decided myself but I know that it matches the decorations I have in mind so I am holding out. This is our small bedroom that is our spare so I decided to go with a more folk art feel to it...we will see how that goes. I will post pictures of it tomorrow...just too tired to go up and get the camera and take them.
Yesterday we stripped the varnish off the woodwork and that wasn't that much fun either but I know it is all worth it when I get it done. I am going to be doing some other makeovers throughout the fall and you will have to keep watching for those too. I know I am going to be doing some work on the kitchen and then the living room later after the holidays..

Two of our daughters are going on the Revolve Tour this weekend and that is all they have been talking about all week. They always come back so happy and filled with such spirit...the church takes a couple loads of girls for the night...and they always have a great time.
We are traveling to Kentucky this weekend to pick up our little pup. We are all so looking forward to her coming home with us. It will be a long drive but worth it. We are hoping that it helps our oldest daughter with the case of the blues that she has had since her life long pet passed away in July. I am hoping for smiles on the way home.
Well, until next time, be blessed.

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