Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Furniture Finishes

A few days ago I shared the dressers that I painted but at the time I forgot to  show you the finished product.
This one is a little larger than the other but it has great curves.I have sprayed it with a light coat of poly in a satin finish. I do have the wax but it seemed like too much work so I opened the spray can and I was done.
The smaller one was so cute and I do think I would sit one on top of the other. I have been working on a few more pieces the last two days as well.
I finished this custom order today and she seems so happy with it. I will be happy to get the space back when it is gone tomorrow.
I am so excited about the desk, I can't wait to see it in the Christmas room...I am dreaming of Christmas already. Since the shipments are arriving daily, no wonder I am dream of Christmas.
  It has gotten to be so hot that I had to put everything away and forget about painting today but that's okay, I could use a break anyways.  Until next time!

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Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning
Your work is so lovely and I like that most everything you do is light in color. We see so much dark Primitive that this is refreshing.

I read your prior post and LOVE the sign and how it is displayed on the pink bed head.