Monday, August 11, 2014

My First Tree of the Season!

Yes, that is a Christmas tree! My first one for the year. I found this little tree that I had purchased months ago. The day is dreary, I was kinda sad and I saw the tree and I thought..wouldn't it be wonderful to have the feeling of Christmas all year long?? So I put the little ornaments on and set it on a shelf in my craft room. I love Christmas and I got that from my Mom so I smiled and hummed and I felt better. But really many of my orders for Christmas are coming in and I am packing and unpacking so it has been on my mind!
I think this little tree is kinda a weird color so I may spray paint it when I have a sunny day!
But in shop I was working on a more warm and homey look so this is where I am going with that.
And my love of dishes, wow, I love these so much.
So for now I am back to working in my home sweeping and putting things away since I am having guests tomorrow.Wanted to share my little tree and a few thoughts before I went on with my day. I love fall and I can't wait to put that up in my home but for now I am enjoying the shop.
  It is raining and humid so the air conditioning is blaring, the tv is on, and after my chores I feel like crafting today! Join Me?

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