Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug. Sale Update

Wow, What a weekend. I sound like a broken record but it is true. We had so many new faces and they were all smiles. I had a wonderful complement from a man who entered with his wife he said that once you closed the doors its's like entering a whole different world. Now that was just what I  was hoping for. Everyone was talking about fall and enjoying the decor. We sold so many new and old items. I am almost happy to say that we did not sell any furniture. That will give me a break to get some of the pieces done that I have been storing. Speaking of that. I am going to be trying to do before and after shots like I used to do. I have been so busy that I had forgotten to do that at all. I may even share a few techniques as I go along.
I thought it would be fun to share a pic of our owl. I loved this wonderful owl, just too cute.
I make a veggie pizza for sale day so that we would have something yummy to eat but I did not get a break until after the sale but it was good for supper too.
This cute headboard was just a smashing it...I had to take orders for more too.
Here is the cage before the owl and a little china cabinet that was almost done it just needed the handles. So tomorrow I make a trip to a warehouse to try to replenish the shop and then tons of garage sales this weekend. Oh ya, I have to work on the shop very soon. Today I was working on putting all the summer decorations away in my what I want to do is put out the fall items but I am trying to wait until school starts since that begins fall as far as I am concerned. Have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

everything looks amazing. I am in awe of you xox Clarice