Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sometimes I Just Remember

 I thought I would share a few more pictures as I tell you about what I have been doing. We have been going to so many auctions on the weekends and week days too. I can not tell you how tired I have been. I can not believe how much work this is to do. With all the Christmas shipping each day my work space has dwindled. I have about 4 pieces of furniture waiting on me right now and I am heading to an auction today to find a few more. We are redesigning a space and need new furniture for our Holiday Open House later on this fall but I have to get the furniture done now.
  The sale has come so quickly this time and I am just finishing up all the details. I feel excited about the remainder of this year and some of the things that we have planned. I do have to tell you I have had many moments of sadness. For some reason this sale has brought back some of the heartbreak that I carry about the loss of my parents. It's almost like I can see Dad working here like he used to and I can hear some of the comments he used to say to me. I have a chair that he would sit in when he took a break and rested...sometimes the memories are overwhelming and I spill tears on my displays. I think that since my dear friend lost her dad it has triggered memories of my own Dad and my loss. I have been watching all the butterflies surrounding my gardens, the plants that my Mother had planted each summer. She would show up with a van full of of perennials and then her joy was to plant and tend them while she was here. She loved being here with me and her grand daughters, her great joy were her grandchildren.
When I am still and quiet and dreaming I can almost imagine my parents and how they would have loved what I have done with my little shed and my new business.
My heart is so sad and so happy...sometimes I feel such great pain with sorrow and happiness combined. I see my sister and she reminds me of how my Mom was...always trying to care for and protect each of us, again, the joy and the sorrow.
  My little shed is my happy place but I will admit it is filled with tears and joys. My head knows that life is hard. My heart knows that those left behind look for signs...I have flowers and buildings and memories that help me remember. I look forward to seeing them again, life is so different without them.

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Plain Ol' Vanilla said...

Dearest Dianntha,

The sweet memories you have of your parents are truly a gift the Lord has given you, even though your heart feels such sorrow at times. I'm sure there are many memories that make you smile in the midst of sadness.

I wish I had sweet memories of my father in my life. God has given me Himself and restored the years the locust ate away. I give Him praise for seeing me through a different kind of sorrow.