Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More fun!

I have been working feverishly on trying to put the fall items out for our next sale. We are a little more than a week away and I am still knee deep in displays!
Sometimes it's just the fun of putting the decor in their spot!
Sometimes I wonder if I want to keep it for myself?
Even though I do not have a spot in my home I get to enjoy him while he is here.
Furniture comes and goes.

Blue is my least favorite color but I am trying my hand at it for this sale


cynthia lee designs said...

Looks like you have wonderful goodies for your upcoming sale!! Bet it all flys out of the shop quickly! See lots of things that I like.

Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning
Wow, isn't it something when the Fall things come out before summer is in full swing - but in retail that's how it season ahead.
Love your blues - I'm not a fan of blues in some things but I do love the saltglaze blues and the primitive aqua/robin's egg blue.
Lovely settings my friend.