Monday, September 1, 2014

More beginnings!

Hello Dear Friends, I have been getting things ready for the September opening and I thought I would share our newest project. Well, it is the beginning of a new project. My dh has decided to let me use his building for our Christmas Open House.
We are working on getting ready for some insulation so we don't freeze and then we will begin putting up our make-shift walls. I will share more as more happens but I can't tell you how excited I am and how nervous I am. This will expand out selling space and all the fun!
We have spent all weekend working and since it is the end of our summer I guess it was a good weekend to start a fall project.  Can't you just image Christmas tress and twinkling lights??? It has been so hot this weekend that I can't see it at all yet but it will come! What a great hubby! He is so generous and kind. He knows that I am still having such a difficult time without my parents and I know he is putting forth a  lot of effort to help me in the hopes I will start to be my old self. truth is I am not sure I will ever be my old self but with God's help I will be an improved version! Thanks for sticking with me!

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