Sunday, September 14, 2014

Preparing for October

Dear Friends, I have been so busy with the shop that I have not started much of the decorating for our home. There is so much to do and time is growing short for some of the things that I wanted to complete. I am taking a break today to rest and to finish my thoughts.
I am in love with some of the new items for the shop. The black and white look so crisp. I am sure they will be a big hit.

This little chalkboard is just the cutest!!!
I am also in love with this newest clock. I have been waiting on it since last February.  I am going to try to put together the bling for the other part of the shop and then I will share those pictures as well. Spent the day at an auction with my SIL and brother and we could not stop laughing. It was nice that they could go with me since dh was busy. I did purchase a new piece of furniture for my home and I will share it soon!

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Primitive Stars said...

Hello, love all your touches around the house, looks wonderful. Great old fan, I. Have one like that too.Blessings francine.