Monday, September 15, 2014

Before Picture of a Real Beauty

Dear friends, I have been working so hard today. I found this piece at a garage sale and I fell it love with it.  I know it is difficult to tell by my pictures but it is a terrible shade of yellow with gold trim.
 I have decided to keep this one for my living room so we delivered it to our foyer for a make-over. It is not ideal but right now everything is full of furniture for our Christmas Open House in November.
I had already started to take a drawer out before I remembered to take a picture but I wanted you to see the curve in the doors.
This is a little closer so you can see the top trim and the gold as well. It is just a terrible combination but a little paint and it will be as good as gold.
There is a similar trim on the bottom. I spent 5 hours painting today so it no longer looks like this but it is not done.I had two other pieces that needed some attention so I had to stop working on it. I will not have time to finish it tomorrow since I am taking a road trip tomorrow with dd and sil.
   I am excited to get this one done and then I will share it in it's new spot!

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