Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas on the back porch!!

 I did not get many pictures of my back porch but I thought I would share what I took. My back porch is enclosed so I can decorate it as I please. We don't keep it heated though. The suitcases stay year around I just change the rest.
 When you are ready to enter our home tis snowman will greet you with a smile.
 This red yarn wreath did not find a home on our sale and it seemed like a shame to let it sit in the shop so I found a great place for it. I put the garland up also in a very hap-hazard way. It brings a little cheer to this side of the porch.

 A couple of trees...
 And a wonderful cross stitch that my dd finished a few years ago.
 And this Santa is on the closet door...what a  charmer he is!
    We are having a family dinner today so it will be another busy one. I went shopping with my girls yesterday and we had such a great time. The crowds seemed small and most were cheery! When I got home I remembered 2 important gifts I forgot to pick up, dang. So Monday I will go out one more time!!! But most is wrapped and ready to go.
   My dd spent the weekend with us and we have been so busy that it seems like she just got here. I love it when my kids are here! Well, I do have a few more pictures to share...maybe tomorrow! What a wonderful time of the year!

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Primitive Stars said...

Morning, wonderful porch decorated for Christmas....looks so inviting, Christmas Blessings Francine.