Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Look at the Living the daylight

 Welcome into my living room. In this picture I am standing in the dining room and as you walk in you can see we have many wonderful windows that face the south so we have a lot of sunshine for all those days that we have clouds here in Ohio.

 This is a very large room even though it does not look like it in the picture. to the right is the doorway you just came through and behind the tree are pocket doors that I have closed for this season. If you go through the doors you would be in the foyer and the large window faces the front of our home.
 This is the other end of the room where the fireplace and piano are homed. We are full up on furniture. We have many visitors this time of year and need a lot of seating!
 I did not turn on any of the lights in this room so you could see it the way I see it. And yes that is a dog bed on the floor and a blanket in the large crock...just keeping it real. Sometimes we think that the pictures hacve to be perfect to post but not this time. This is the way it really looks today.
The footstool and the buffet that we are using to hold the tv are really about 4 feet apart, again, not as close as it looks. And behind me is another 5 feet of the room.
  I am so happy it is light and bright in this room. Tomorrow I will try to post the foyer into the dining room. When I look in the pictures I don't think it shows a true view of the room. It is much larger than it appears but this is where we live and celebrate and I wanted to share with you where I spend my time.
  Since Vyntage Barn is closed until spring I can now spend my time on my home and a big project coming in January. We will talk about that After Christmas.
  Hope you enjoyed my living room tour and I will be around for a visit.


Tiff said...


Merry Christmas to you :)


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Dianntha!...thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words about my decor...yours is quite lovely!...well done!