Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Tour of my Christmas Living room!

 This is our tree this year. I decided to go with bright and cheery colors and I had all the ornaments I needed except the pink so that was the only new investment! I adore the white tree and to be honest I can not even remember purchasing it. I was in the midst of grief at the time and I just can not even remember this purchase but I am happy that I have it.
 This cabinet I actually had intentions of putting in my shop but it looks so perfect in this spot that I guess I will keep this one! Nice size for my room. Again, most items you have seen before if you follow me. I just move them to different rooms.I am doing more blues this year.
 This little house did not sell at our Christmas open house so I decided to bring it inside. It looks perfect on my coffee table.
 This is the top of the cabinet and I adore this little tree. This is how it looks during the day..
 and the evening!
 I wish I had take a few more shots of the mantle, it really is prettier than it looks but I will share a few more pictures of this room later. I forgot to get a whole room shot so I will be sharing that too.
 I went to the goodwill to get all the different sweaters and these are our stockings this year!
 On the other side of the room is our silver tree and she is so pretty at night too.
 A few more pictures! The top of the piano is neutral and I love the way it turned out!
When I was at the good will I found this ceramic tree and I knew it was meant for me. I am so happy with it. 

 This is the table behind the sofa but the little white tree was so cute I wanted to share. Again, most of the items I have had I just placed them in a different spot for a new look of holiday cheer.

Even our wreaths got an update this year! I have more to share but I am out of pictures so I will end for now and enjoy some hot chocolate and a warm blanket. We have snow and ice and after church and a benefit auction we are now in for the day! 


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, oh everything looks so magical, so beautiful. Love to see the houses decorated for Christmas, Francine.

cynthia lee designs said...

Everything looks so pretty!!