Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Centerpiece

Finally I can start to enjoy Christmas. I have been getting the shop ready for our new show and now getting the house ready for Christmas. I will share pictures of the entire shop this week but I thought I would share this Santa centerpiece I put together. I think it is so adorable. I am hoping and praying for many customers and nice weather for this weekend.
  This morning our church started the first act of The Modern Day Scrooge. They did a very nice job. But it makes me so sad because my Dad did not like Christmas just like Scrooge so while many watch and think it is just a drama to me it is my past.
  My dad did not want to spend the money or be with family and it was his least favorite time of year. My Mom was the reason I love Christmas. She overcame and created a winter wonderland in her home...and that is just what I do too.I love the sights and sounds and music of Christmas. Thank you Mom for passing that onto your children!

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