Thursday, December 6, 2012

When crafting isn't all that happening...

Yesterday, I was browsing through all the wonderful blogs and I kept seeing these trees that were wound with thread and string and jute and yarn. I am so sorry that I can not find the links to share but I will update when I do...anyways I was working on this tree....

These were the items I had so that is where I started...

You need lots of glue..

and the yarn of your choice.
And as I was sitting at the table winding the thread, my hands were full of glue, the Christmas music was playing and I was waiting for my family to get home....well...this is the part no one wants to write about at Christmas. This is where your heart gets that overwhelming sadness that you have not words to describe...when the tears start falling and you can't  make them stop.

This is where grief steps in to steal your joy. I start remembering Mom sitting at her table working crafts, always with a little hum. I think about all the times the girls and I would go over and make crafts and cookies. She would whip up a meal without blinking and be filled with joy that we were there.
My Mom was talented and she shared those talents with her family always. Yes, yesterday grief was out to steal my rob me of the moment and to remind me of what I no longer have.
I know that all of you know someone who has lost a dear one...or maybe it is you that is suffering. Please stretch out your arms to that person. A hug or a sweet card to let them know that you are in their thoughts and prayers.
We are just about to come up on the one year mark of losing my Dad, just 4 months after Mom. My heart is heavy with loss. I decorate and craft, I smile and participate but the grief is a hard burden to bear and at Christmas it gets almost unbearable.
The joy is that I will see them again in Glory and the tears will be washed away forever but for this season, please, take a minute a give the gift of love..your words of will change someones life.


Barb said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. Your writing was so real, so heartfelt - it brought me to tears. I've been there... take care.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog thru your comment on Cozy Little House and have been reading thru it.

I am so sorry on the loss of your parents. It doesn't matter how young or old we are when they leave us, but the hole that is left in our hearts never quite close. I know that they are looking down on you with love.