Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little More Snow..And a few thoughts

We are so thankful that we ended up with about 6 inches and not the 13 they we calling for...oh what a blessing that is. Six inches is manageable but what do you do with 13 inches of ice and today the snow is beautiful and not a burden.

I have been contemplating what project to begin. I do not take my decorations down this early. To me the season has just begun and will last for a least another week or so. I am sad that the kids are back to work. It was so much more fun when they were in college and home on break for a few weeks. When they started packing up on Christmas to go back home I had a  terrible knot in my stomach. An ache that  for another year it was over...that the kids were going and there are no parents to Christmas presents sent to Florida as for so many years before...I had that sick feeling that I was alone. Wow, that is a powerful and uncomfortable feeling. My dear hubby must have known my grief even thought I left it unspoken. He sat down in the chair and said he wanted to watch some Christmas movies. And so we spent the rest of the evening watching movies and holding hands...he was offering me the comfort he knew I needed at just the right moment.

I am not sure how long grief lasts, maybe a lifetime. We are approaching the one year loss of my Dad and it seems to intensify my feelings of loss over Mom..and the empty nest with the girls... I think this is the most difficult season of life I have ever endured.  I have not how started a quest to see what God has planned for me. It was so easy..raising the girls and as they got older I spent my time with Mom...crafting and taking her to all of her is where I start my new year....hoping for a new filled with joy, peace and love.
I pray the same for each of you. And thank you for all the kind words and visits this holiday season.


Old Time Cindy said...

Christmas can sure bring up a lot of emotions. Wishing the best for you this season and beyond.
Farmhouse hugs,

Karen said...

I hope you can come out of your feelings soon - they sure can take one down can't they.
I'm so happy for all of you that the snow was half of what they said...pretty as it is, it's no fun to get out there and try to get through it.
Your husbands sounds like a wonderful caring are blesses

Primitive Stars said...

Sure hope you will feel a bit better soon, so sad losing our loved ones.....something is missing.......Blessings Francine.