Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bathroom Christmas decor

 I wanted to share a few pictures of our bathroom. It is not a large room so it is difficult to get the pictures I want but I am willing to share what I have taken. This is from last evening .

A few years ago I decided to have a reindeer theme in this room so here are a few for you to enjoy.

Last year I put together there paper reindeer pictures. I am still in love with them.
The paper rosettes on the tree.

More deer. The fence lights up...sorry I forgot to turn them on.

My Mom made this wreathe and I love how it brightens up the bathroom.

This year my sign is in the bathroom but I do miss it from the living room.
My Mother also painted this snowman and the nose winds up and places music.

My winter plates.


nannykim said...

love those reindeer pictures. do you have a how to do this?

Trisha said...

I love your Christmas bathroom-it is so festive and fun!


lynn said...

darling bathroom decor!