Friday, October 21, 2011


Day 21 has been so busy. I started the day off with a trip to my daughter's school so she could put some long layers in my hair. Once that was complete I drove to Hobby Lobby to see about getting something framed. It was a difficult decision when choosing the frame and mat. Some of you might remember that I was stitching a piece for my Mom while she was sick. She did get to see it before she took a turn for the worse and she loved it. I had stitched it in her honor. If you don't remember then I will have it back in about 2 weeks and I will share a picture then.
It has been such a difficult week for me. I have had a hard time shaking the gloom off my days. I will have a thought about Mom and then I can't stop the tears. I am exhausted from the stress of it and yet I know that for now this is just the way things are.
I spent the evening with my eldest  daughter at her apartment watching tv and ordering pizza. We talked and laughed and had a great time together...such a nice break in my week.
We have a renter rehab going on and that will consume some of my time next week and that might be okay too.
Isn't it so amazing how quickly things can change in our lives. How truth becomes clouded by those who can't or won't listen. But the truth doesn't change just because there is no listening...truth is truth...period. I stand on who I am and what I have done because in the end I have done the best that I one can ask for more than that.  Lord, help us.

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