Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 19 Redecorating a lttle

 I have been doing a little rearranging and so far I am pretty happy with the results but the only problem I seem to be having is that I have more "stuff" and no place to sit These two little items have been displaced and I have been searching for somewhere else for them to go. The white drawers usually hang on the wall. If you look you will see some subway art on the wall...ya..that is where it usually hangs. The little urn is a new purchase from the clearance racks so it has never had a home. I think they both can go into the other living room but until after the holidays there is no space for them. Right now they are sitting on top of our radiator and that is fine until we turn the furnace on then it will be to warm for them there...I think!
I also wanted to share a picture of my new necklace. I purchased it at the French Hen Barn sale.  It did not come with a chain so I bought a long piece of suede and made one myself. I love it. I didn't have any kids  home today  to model it for me so the urn had to stand in for them!
I am planning on meeting my daughter for dinner tonight so I do hope all the rain stops but if not I guess she is worth the drive. I miss her..Hope your day is free of tear drops.


Carmen and the Primcats said...

Very very pretty. And I like your new necklace.

cynthia lee designs said...

Love how you displayed the pumpkins. And your new necklace is so pretty.

Lili Bear said...

Dropping by to check on you. I think of you a lot, I'm afraid the coming months will be difficult as you will be avery aware that your mum is missing in celebrations. :(
Yet, life goes on and you are amazingly strong, even though you don't feel so. You are a wonderful mum, and you have the biggest heart.
It felt good to read your posts, all of them.:)
Take care, Dianntha,
Hugs from Lili Bear