Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Touch of Spring and Ramblings!

 Well, since that last snow storm I have decided that enough is enough!!! A little spring is finally showing, well, inside anyways. You probably remember my little wool eggs from last year but I am still enjoying them. They were easy to make and helped use up so many of my scraps!
 My one and only little rabbit is back but I think it will probably find a new home in a different spot when I get out a few tulips.
I so adore this pillow. Do you remember it? It was my glam pillow for the holidays but I just can not put it away so now it is my glam pillow everyday. Sometimes when the sun hits it just right it glimmers and really it makes me smile. I sit there with my stitching, sometimes, and I am content. Now that sounds stupid but really it is true. How does a pillow make me so happy??? I don't know but with 26 inches of snow in February you have to find something to help you be content and for me, this year, it is a glam pillow.
 We have had such terrible flooding this week but I am happy to report that the little store where I work made it through the flood without any damage. I am thrilled.
 It has been so sunny here that I have been going out each day for a two mile walk...oh how nice it is to finally get some fresh air without freezing. I had to wear a hoodie and a coat and gloves but I was good for the warm-up and then too warm once I started to power walk but again, I am happy to be outside!
 I am thinking about having a give-away since I now have 104 followers! Thank you for joining me!! I am blessed.


Robin said...

I love the little 'eggs'. Did you design these yourself?

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I also love the eggs - they are so cute and Springy! The sheep is adorable too.

Ann said...

I was thinking about you this morning when I heard the schools that were cancelling in your area due to flooding. I see that you are out going for walks, so hope you are ok. ~Ann

Farmchick said...

I LOVE your glam pillow....I would keep it out all the time too!!! :) Hope you are doing well...come on over and say hi!!

Loraine said...

I don't know why some simple pleasures can make us smile so! I love your pillow, and all the new decorations! Too cute.

Meggie said...

The sun shining on a cold day makes all the difference...much easier to tolerate. We, too, have had lots of flooding but not nearly as bad as in past years. Love your fancy pillow. Yes, it's funny when the simplest things make us smile.