Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Today is my parents 60th wedding anniversary and in honor of them we received a fresh snowfall so Mom and Dad, this is for you!
A little snow blessing from Heaven you both!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh how awful...the snow that is...I know there are several places getting it today and last night.



BittersweetPunkin said...

I looks so pretty!


cynthia lee designs said...

We had snow and sleet here in my part of Ohio yesterday. It looked like a winter wonderland! It was pretty, but I'm ready for it to go away until next winter.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents.

We got the same snow, but luckily it melted the next day.


Linda said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents, 60 years that is wonderful.
Beautiful snow pictures Dianntha...hugs, Linda

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Congratulations to your parents!

And the photos/setting is gorgeous!

Joanie said...

Hi! You know you won my give-away, don't you? Please email me at with your address and I'll get your goodies to you! Joanie from Joanies World.

Angie Knight said...

I just stopped over here after visiting "Donetta"'s blog--seeing your blog title got me! "OHIO" especially! My husband, Jeff and I just returned from a conference held in Ohio at the Heartland
Conference center--what BEAUTIFUL land we saw! We drove around the day before it snowed and I took as many pictures as possible! I loved it!

I am a country girl--love the life of being surrounded by farm land (which right now we are city dwellers), and was so blessed by the sights in Ohio!

The pictures you posted were beautiful! I love snow--maybe it's because we dont' ever have any! :) Florida gets snow RARELY.

Have a blessed evening--and it's nice to meet you!

In Him,

blessedmom's simple home said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents :-)
Mine have been married over 60 years too. What a wonderful example they're years together have made in your life, I'm sure.
The snow is so pretty. We had weather in the 80's earlier this week.

Thank you so much for your prayers for my nephew Jordan. He's improving daily, and the family has been so blessed by all the prayers for him.

Heidi said...

Your parents are an inspiration at 60 years together Dianntha! Our anniversary was on Monday and we at 24 years seem like kids still. :-)

I must tell you that I am loving your snow. My mother (in Ohio) was having a fit but I told her it always snows around our

Hugs from Holland ~

Priscilla said...

Beautiful photos!!! So pretty,love the snow.Congratualtions to you mum nad dad ;)