Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Bits of the Make over...going slow..

I found a few minutes to work on some accessories for my bathroom but boy did I make a mess. It started with these.
  So this is what started the mess. I found these candle holders at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I didnt' care the brown so I decided to paint them white.
It says $39.99 but I got it for $8.00 so I figured I could put some paint on it and that would be that...well kinda.
 Since I had the paint out I thought I might as well paint a few picture frames too...and then I ran out of paint. So off to walmart to get some and I found some stain...well why not give them a little stain too??
That will never do...oh more white paint...
Then I put some paint on some pictures frames and  mirror...and stain and more paint until  it just became a job. Now I really had no intentions of even working on all this today so how did it all get started. Well, it started with those two candle holders I found on clearance. Should have left them on the shelf. I will have to take a few more pictures so you can see how they ended up. Where did the day go to???


Robin said...

Too funny. Sorry for your troubles. Sometimes those bargains are not bargains after all.

Storybook Woods said...

Just think of all you learned xoxo Clarice

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Been there, done that, I know just how you feel.

Chalk it up to a not too expensive lesson!

Heidi said...

I do this at times. One job or idea barrels into another and another. Before you know it your day is gone and you have to rush to make dinner. Lol! But then is a great sign that you love your life since you are not bored for a single minute. See there is a blessing in there. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~